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Sunday, September 15, 2002
4:00 pm EST
Subject: Birthday Wishes
IP: Logged

Dear Ms. Rush,

Happy Birthday. It is great to see you on the Internet.

When I watched BSG many yahrons ago, I always thought you were underused in the show. You always hit your lines of complex dialogue right on target. It would have been great to see you pilot a Viper or take command of the Galactica's bridge from time to time (or command a new combat starship built by the Fleet).

I talked to Jack Stauffer a few years ago about the status of a BSG console/computer game. Jack told me it was being planned. I mentioned to Jack would be great to have you in the game playing Rigel, notifying the player of the status of his/her Viper and the battle scenario (like in the MechWarrior computer game series). If a BSG game is "launched," I hope you are a part of the project. Flying a Viper in a BSG electronic game would be much less fun without your voice.

Wishing you well this autumn,

Michael P. Owen
Molecular Biologist
Seattle, WA

Seattle Washington Autoduel Team
P 1

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