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Thursday, April 01, 2004
11:41 pm EST
Subject: Colonial Fan Force's 3 Dollar Challenge
IP: Logged

We're only three weeks into the fight, and the CFF has already exceeded the $2,000 mark. That's 1/5th of our goal! All of you who have put your money where your mouth is, thus showing the Powers That Be that we are a force to be reckoned with, are to be commended. The CFF thanks you from the bottom of our hearts. You should feel proud.

But there's still some way to go before we reach our goal. So the CFF is putting forth the "$3 Challenge" to each and every BATTLESTAR GALACTICA fan who reads these words. Go to the CFF website,, right now, and help our cause with just three dollars, even if you've already donated.

Just think, 17,000 people signed that petition. If each one gave just one dollar, we'd exceed our goal. At three dollars apiece, imagine the ads we could buy!

Three dollars. That's less than the price of a Value Meal. So ask yourself, could you live with one less Value Meal in your life, if it meant you might see your heroes back in a big-screen blaze of glory? With one less Value Meal, not only will you be helping us get your heroes back on the big screen, but you'll also be improving your own health!

So go the the CFF site right now, and make your voice heard by Hollywood. Three Dollars. Are you up to the challenge?

Supporting the Larson/DeSanto BAG Continuation movie!
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